East London Mela 2012 - July 2012

The East London Mela 2012 festival celebrating the art and culture of South Asia will take place in Barking Park, 12 Noon - 8pm. Sunday 1st July 2012.

The history of Mela is a long and colourful one. Originating from South Asia, the word 'Mela' traditionally comes from the Sanskrit 'To Meet'. Mela's were an opportunity for families and communities to come together to celebrate religious, cultural or artistic events.

A Mela meaning 'festival' beautifully describes an exciting summer outdoor event with an emphasis on cultural and artistic programme. They feature a mix of music, food, and information as well as all the fun of the fair. Mela's are an excellent opportunity for the whole community to come together and celebrate irrespective of ethnic background. They provide a crucial link with the community and offer organization a valuable opportunity to target a captive audience.

The East London Mela offers extensive activities targeting the whole family. The event brings together the diverse ethnic communities from East London and surrounding areas. It has effectively integrated these communities together and now it has also extended its appeal to the wider communities. Attractions range from all the fun of the fair through to live music presented on a live concert stage, with community, information and food trade stands in between.

In support of the East London Mela, Nowtel will have a TALK HOME stall at the Barking Park. We hope to see you there!

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