The biggest selling individual brand within the Nowtel Group is TALK HOME which is retailed via international calling cards, rechargeable cards and a new mobile virtual network.

TALK HOME has been a trusted provider of prepaid services in the telephony market since 2006 and has recently expanded its product portfolio to other market segments. The emergence of prepaid debit cards has partially catered for budget conscious consumers and the un/under banked but no product has yet fulfilled the dual role of this and sending money overseas.

This is a unique offering in the prepaid debit card space not only allowing consumers to tap into the Visa debit programme but also to transfer money abroad to friends and relatives at rates far cheaper than current money bureau companies.

The TALK HOME CAT card allows users to top-up their account in the UK and share additional cards with their friends and relatives to use wherever they see the Visa sign anywhere in the world!

The card can be loaded at various channel points including the UK wide Paypoint network and via the web account portal. Funds loaded onto the card are 100% secure.

The programme also offers a loyalty rewards scheme giving consumers a cash back facility with some of the high streets most recognised brands.

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