Now is a UK based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that is bringing the future of international mobile communications to life today.

Now was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing a three dimensional service in a two dimensional market and injected it with three core tenets - that it always be CLEAR, SIMPLE and HONEST.

Now launched its proposition in July 2010 in partnership with Orange (now Everything Everywhere). The partnership has meant that we are able to provide a service of the highest quality which allows fantastic network coverage, great voice facility, reliable 3G data and an excellent roaming footprint.

How does it work?

Now focuses on pre-paid international communications that do not oblige the customer to compromise his or her expectations of what a mobile service should be in the 21st century, it allows its customers to communicate in voice, SMS and through data, it is a mobile service that compares in quality and approach to the incumbent network operators and does not limit itself to targeting four or five niche ethnic markets but instead opens its doors to all international callers in the UK.

We have a dedicated in-house customer service team from a variety of ethnicities, social and cultural backgrounds who are able to connect with our customers and offer multi lingual services. Our customer services proposition is based on the following maxims: to be friendly, to be transparent and to value the detail, all of which underpin the core values of our business; one dimensional customer services are not enough for Now!

We want to ensure that our customer experience is second to none so we have selected a number of ways to empower our customers enabling them to solve their own issues if they choose by allowing them to communicate with us, in real time using a variety of methods including phone, SMS and email. We also offer an automated IVR service which covers 12 international languages and we continue to improve it by adding support for additional ones to ensure our customers are provided with the best possible experience of our services.

Be Friendly
Be Transparent
Value The Detail

Nowtel Core Values