This is my Nowtel

We have created a uniquely international company that is determined and ambitious. The combined desire to deliver quality can be seen in our consumer brands.
Jayesh Pindolia

A special place to work

The unique aspect of working at Nowtel is how the company brings together professionals from all over the world in order to deliver the best experience for our customers. Our workspaces are open creative environments that actively encourage the sharing of knowledge between departments, so from the moment you join you feel a part of the team.

We are proud to have nurtured such a wonderfully diverse and multi-cultured group of individuals, that are as much a family as they are colleagues.

The most import value I think we all share is that of respect. All faiths and beliefs are represented within our company and are celebrated together. We promote openness​ within our walls and everyone is accepting of each other​. I think working at Nowtel helps you realize​ just how human we all are, helping each other​ to achieve​ a common goal.

Nowtel is a very special place to work and is, in my mind, an example of how business should be done in the 21st century.

Author: Rachana Raina
Posted on: 25 Oct 2017