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Michael Mcintyre | CTO

Talk Home App

The Talk Home app was developed in response to the change in consumer calling behavior. As popularity grew in OTT applications for making international calls we realized there was a developing gap in the market. Consumers were demanding a high quality calling app that offered the ability to call any number in any country regardless of their access to WiFi or data.

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Getting started

In 2014 we assembled a team of developers in London with the task of satisfying the growing demand from our customers. We spent 18 months developing the technology that would deliver on our promise of quality in a simple UI that would be accessible to anyone.

We launched the app in late 2015 under the Talk Home brand. As we were already well known in the UK the app gave us the opportunity to enter into multiple markets around the world. Greece was the first market we entered, followed a month later by Italy, France, and the Netherlands. We launched across the UK in 2016 bringing together the three generations of calling products under one brand.

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Moving forward

Since launch, the Talk Home app has achieved 1.5 million downloads globally, with over 350,000 daily active users. We see the app as the future of our business, and indeed our industry. We stand fast by our commitment to innovation and are working on the next stage of OTT development.

We feel it our duty to deliver the user experience our customers demand and deserve. We are currently working with some exciting companies and brands to keep developing our products and services, and with 5G around the corner, ​we feel our journey has only just begun.

quick app stats

  • 1.5 M
  • 350,000
    Daily active users
  • 240
    Active countries