We currently terminate more than 300 million minutes, and activate over 2 million top up vouchers per month through our MVNO divisions.
Rob Kitchen | Marketing

Talk Home to Now

Our MVNO’s are used to call over 1,000 destinations in over 240 countries. We currently terminate more than 300 million minutes and activate over 2 million units per month. We are proud to have a long established relationship with EE, who support both our MVNO’s, allowing us to offer the best UK voice and enhanced 4G data coverage across the UK.

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Now Mobile

Now mobile was launched in July 2010 in partnership with Orange (now EE) The aim of the brand was to offer national class mobile and data services combined with a diverse multilingual customer experience. Within a year Now mobile acquired over 100,000 active users and quickly became recognized by the within the industry as a market leading brand.

Now’s USP

The focus was to ensure our customer's journey was clear, simple and honest. From the cost of their calls ​to the way they interact with customer services. Now Mobile was the first brand in our market to prioritize user retention over their ​acquisition, and customers responded with their feet. In the space of six months Now had acquired substantial market share from the market leaders, forcing them to follow in our footsteps.

What’s happening Now

With a brand refresh and reposition Now Mobile is ready to take on new markets as it pushes into the national arena. 2023 will be the most exciting and innovate time for Now since its launch eight years ago. All we can say is ‘Watch this space!’

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Talk Home Mobile

Talk Home mobile was introduced in 2012 as a way to expand the Talk Home Calling Card brand that had become well established across the UK. The aim was to offer the capabilities of a MVNO to Ethnic communities who, traditionally, called abroad using calling cards. Talk Home mobile allowed us to generate competition in the market which, up to that point, had been monopolized by international corporations.

Talk Home’s USP

Talk Home has always been a tour de force in the calling card market and as such the MVNO has benefited greatly by association alone. The uniqueness of the brand comes from its simplicity. In a saturated market of rates and technical jargon, it is our simple offer of an all in one national and international calling solution that​ sets us apart.

What’s happening now

Targeting a broad audience of ‘people living international lives in the UK’ we have relaunched Talk Home with a new socially reflective brand identity. The tagline​ of #FreedomWithoutBorders is emblematic of our products, our services and what we stand for as a company. We enter into 2023 with a new commercial direction and digital strategy proving ourselves, once again, as the innovators of the international calling industry.

quick MVNO stats

  • 110,000
    Daily active users
  • 300 M
    Minutes a month
  • 1000
    Destinations called a month