I’ve been told about a hundred times that the calling card industry is dead, yet every time we prove them wrong.
Ossie Bell | Co Founder

Still in high demand

Calling cards have always been the go-to product for low-cost international calls, however in recent years many telecom providers shelved the product labeling it redundant in the era of the smartphone,

In reality, this could not be further from the truth!

2017 has seen a renaissance in calling cards with customers preferring the low-cost hassle-free experience to the awkward limitations offered by some of the better know calling apps. The ability to simply ‘make a call’ is still in high demand, and no application has yet managed to fully digest the calling card market.

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Calling Cards

We hold some of Europe’s leading calling card brands distributed through over 100,000 retail outlets across France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands.

We generate over 2.5 million sales of international calling cards every month making us one of the largest distributors in Western Europe. Our cards are used to call over 1,000 destinations terminating over 150m minutes per month through our suite of products.

Rechargeable Cards

In response to consumer demand, we launched our first rechargeable calling card in 2011. The Talk Home Rechargeable Calling Card is a reusable card that can be topped up online or in over 23,000 stores across the UK using PayPoint terminals.

Since its introduction, ​​the popularity of the Talk Home Rechargeable Calling Card has continued to grow becoming the number one calling card in the UK.

quick card stats

  • 2.5 M
    Cards sold each month
  • 150 M
    Minutes per month
  • 100,000
    Retail outlets